Scary Clowns and Scary Food

I love the Crappy Pictures blog. I laugh and simultaneously read it in a complete jealous rage because a) my kids do all these exact same things and b) Amber Dusick thought of a cleverer hook than I ever would have. Thus, she has a billion readers and a book coming out. Bitch. I’m getting it from the library, so there.

Oh, AND she gets to live in Los Angeles. GAH! Hate her!! [tho if I ever get back there I imagine we’d be the best of snarky friends]

I checked and I am allowed to post this picture. Amber’s cool with it. It is linked back. No lawyers, please.

Anyway, today’s post actually has to do with food, so I can somewhat justify sharing it here. There’s really not much more I can add to it. I too have taken my kids to fast food places on the road for the sheer purpose of peeing and playing. I however manage to maintain my dignity by refusing to buy any food. I just use the wi-fi and toilets. Take that, Ronald!

OK I might have bought an ice cream cone once.

So like I said, just read the original post, as much as I hate showing people how much funnier she is than I am and therefore you’ll go “like” and “follow” her and somehow I am threatened by that.

Aren’t you glad I’m in therapy? I sure am.

I guess I should add “Scary Blogger” to the title of this post.


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