Squooshi Product Review – and Giveaway!

Today I am so excited to announce our first FoodiEvangelist product review – complete with a giveaway, just like all the big mamas do it! And our product is something I have been hoping to see for a very long time…it is something made for parents like you & me…the SQUOOSHI!!

[Just take in the adorableness of that name for a moment…]

Squooshi Refillable Baby Food Pouch Foodie

I first heard about Squooshi pouches from Plum District, which posted a coupon offer to get $5 off a purchase of $15 or more. Since I’d just spent $13 on pouches the day before (which would last approximately 2 weeks, if I was lucky), I decided this was a pretty dang good deal and snagged the coupon.

Actually, let me back up…I first conceived of Squooshi pouches when my son became addicted to those ubiquitous little baby food delivery devices. You’ve seen them, slowly taking over the aisles that used to be dominated by jars.

Mr K can’t get enough of them. They were in every lunch I packed his entire first year of Mother’s Day Out (and often the only thing he ate). They go in the diaper bag. They calm tantrums. They substitute for dinner. They make two year olds eat vegetables(!!). They sit on the bedside table for the inevitable 4 a.m. snack. They are God’s gift to parents – and so new that they didn’t even exist when my daughter was the targeted age! (Though she thoroughly enjoys them as well, and both request them on a regular basis for snacks & lunches)

However, I was not long into my pouch obsession before I realized two things:

1. They are mighty expensive, these little guys.

2. That is a lot of trash I’m contributing to the earth.


It was around that time my husband and I started saying, “Gee, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could refill these pouches? Just cram some more gunk back in them?” This became especially urgent as our son moved into the bigger pouches – and they stopped satisfying his hunger – while simultaneously the price started rising dramatically as demand took off. Suddenly they went from a buck or less each to $1.50 or even two dollars! for 4.5 oz of, basically, purée. Organic purée, but still.

Fast forward to my sheer delight at finding that somebody had actually gone to the trouble to invent the very thing we had been hoping to see – the reusable, refillable, washable pouch! And Squooshi is that company. Hooray!

yes, the panda is in the giveaway

yes, the panda is in the giveaway

Upon reading through their website I felt so simpatico with the owner that I had to write and congratulate her. And ok, I slyly mentioned that I do a little blogging, and one thing led to another so here I am writing a review and – drum roll! – offering a giveaway!

However, since I strive to keep my posts short (and my Lenten discipline this year is an attempt to talk less in general), I am going to split this into a few days’ worth of posts. Today we had the backstory. Tomorrow, I will post my review. Then on Monday I will post instructions to enter the FREE giveaway of an Assorted Four Pack of Squooshis for your very own little Squishy!!

Come back tomorrow and learn all about our fun Squooshi times over here.

One thought on “Squooshi Product Review – and Giveaway!

  1. Squooooooooooshi!!! Yep, fun to say. We tried the pouchy things for the first time for our trip, and…. Mama likes them, too 😉


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