Any readers ever done a worm bin? I have a voucher for one from my city, but I’m afraid I’m going to kill the worms so I’m holding off. I’d so appreciate some advice or links to good info. Thank you!

(I realize this is a super lame excuse for a post after so long not writing…I’ve been setting up the new house here and since my son stopped napping, I lost my blogging time in the afternoons. Anyway sorry, I will try to be back someday soon. I have posts in my head, it’s getting them on here that’s the problem!)

We’re back!

FoodiEvangelist is once again a go! I’m shooting for posting every other day or so, maybe 3x per week. I’ll try to at least throw up some good quotations for you when I don’t have anything to say. And I have a lot of great quotes stored up. It turns out, people have a lot to say about food, and there seems to be an obviously inherent connection with faith for most of us.

Big shout-out to anybody who is finding me via my other blog, LiturgiGal, and my new foodie followers there, including John-Bryan Hopkins at the incredibly cool and informative and the fabulous Cristina at mythineats, who by following I trust I will magically shed my remaining baby weight.

Friends & Family who came with me from Facebook or Feminary or whatever, thanks for your patience. Here we go again!