Lunchbox Ideas!

Organic Valley is giving away bento boxes!

It’s back to school time for many of us who provide meals for our families! Here’s a great list of creative ideas for jazzing up your kids’ lunches. I think the “theme a day” idea is very smart to keep some semblance of order but also keep things creative and fun. I love the “lunch money” idea.

For my kids, I do a lot of “bento style” (i.e. tiny containers with various finger foods) and that goes over well. They seem to always eat better if stuff is cut into shapes (my mom’s mantra is “It’s all about the presentation”), so I keep a supply of cute cookie cutters on hand for sandwiches, cheese, etc. (my preschoolers get a kick out of the ones shaped like their initials). One of my proudest moments as a mom was when my son’s teacher told me I make “the best” lunches!

Why not write your kid’s “love note” in meats & cheeses, with “I ❤ U” cookie cutters? Plus, you can choose better-for-them products without all that junk that’s in Lunchables (shudder!).

What are some of your winning ideas for your kids’ school lunch?