Scary Clowns and Scary Food

I love the Crappy Pictures blog. I laugh and simultaneously read it in a complete jealous rage because a) my kids do all these exact same things and b) Amber Dusick thought of a cleverer hook than I ever would have. Thus, she has a billion readers and a book coming out. Bitch. I’m getting it from the library, so there.

Oh, AND she gets to live in Los Angeles. GAH! Hate her!! [tho if I ever get back there I imagine we’d be the best of snarky friends]

I checked and I am allowed to post this picture. Amber’s cool with it. It is linked back. No lawyers, please.

Anyway, today’s post actually has to do with food, so I can somewhat justify sharing it here. There’s really not much more I can add to it. I too have taken my kids to fast food places on the road for the sheer purpose of peeing and playing. I however manage to maintain my dignity by refusing to buy any food. I just use the wi-fi and toilets. Take that, Ronald!

OK I might have bought an ice cream cone once.

So like I said, just read the original post, as much as I hate showing people how much funnier she is than I am and therefore you’ll go “like” and “follow” her and somehow I am threatened by that.

Aren’t you glad I’m in therapy? I sure am.

I guess I should add “Scary Blogger” to the title of this post.

Too excellent not to share

The Honest Toddler is cracking me up. Keeping with the theme of THIS blog, here are two favorites:



One minute you need a banana. Crave one. Feel like your life won’t be the same if you can’t enjoy the smooth sweetness of this tropical fruit. So often though, by the time an adult has gotten off of Facebook and peeled one for you, the feeling has already passed. This isn’t your toddler’s fault. Don’t make a big deal. Just freeze the banana for a smoothie you will never make or eat it yourself.

Ask toddler if it is OK if you peel banana. When given the green light, only peel the banana 1/3 way down so it doesn’t break it half and fall on the floor. Why should I even have to say that.

If there are rot patches on the banana, do not hand to toddler with rot patch facing away like a sneak. Find another banana. If there are no more bananas, OMG.