Palm Oil’s Dirty Secret

Would you buy a donut that kills orangutans? You probably already have.


So maybe you have noticed the proliferation of palm oil in your food products (I sure have). Turns out, all that oil is coming our way courtesy of rainforest clearing – the habitat enjoyed by, among others, those noble, most human-looking apes: orangutans.

I’m not recommending eating at Dunkin Donuts (got a lot of other issues with them), but a huge bravo for their decision to source their oils sustainably from now on! Click the link above for more on this story.

Artisanal Foods?

Have you noticed the recent rise in so-called “artisanal” products, many from fast food establishments – the very antithesis of artisan! Lewis Black gave a classic rant about this growing problem on The Daily Show. (Artisan Dominoes Pizza? REALLY???)

In related news, Zagat’s blog produced a helpful Smackdown of products making the claim, taking one for the foodie team by actually tasting them.