Join us on Facebook!

I’ve recently added a Facebook page for FoodiEvangelist, and I invite you all to come “Like” it.

I’ve just created a photo album of some of our recent family dinners, with recipes! It’s been a fun project, recording our meals, so I plan to keep adding to it. I know we all need help coming up with ideas and it’s really good if somebody else does the initial recipe testing!

Come on over and check it out!

UPDATE: You need to click the link above or go to and “Like” THAT page. Just “liking” this post will not affect Facebook, you’re just liking it on WordPress. So click the link, “Like” the FB page, and then you can see the photos and all the other fun FB stuff.

And I’ll likely be posting there a lot more often than here, so definitely get over there if you want to follow me.