How the Shutdown Affects the Hungry

How the Shutdown Affects the Hungry

A brief description of how the government shutdown is affecting hungry people in the US. I am especially saddened for the loss of the WIC program, which was so wonderful when we needed it.

As Jon Stewart put it, “Your kid doesn’t eat breakfast, that’s your problem. My kid can’t tour the White House? That’s everybody’s problem.”

See This Next

Out today in theaters and available to download on iTunes: a new movie from the producers of Food, Inc. that explores the problem of hunger in America.

I’ve made no secret of my personal gratitude for the WIC and food stamps programs, both of which I have utilized (along with patronizing and working for food pantries).

This is a complex issue but I trust these filmmakers and producers to explain it clearly and spur us all to action (see link for resources from Bread for the World to spark discussion and engagement in your community).

Check it out!