We’re back!

FoodiEvangelist is once again a go! I’m shooting for posting every other day or so, maybe 3x per week. I’ll try to at least throw up some good quotations for you when I don’t have anything to say. And I have a lot of great quotes stored up. It turns out, people have a lot to say about food, and there seems to be an obviously inherent connection with faith for most of us.

Big shout-out to anybody who is finding me via my other blog, LiturgiGal, and my new foodie followers there, including John-Bryan Hopkins at the incredibly cool and informative Foodimentary.com and the fabulous Cristina at mythineats, who by following I trust I will magically shed my remaining baby weight.

Friends & Family who came with me from Facebook or Feminary or whatever, thanks for your patience. Here we go again!