Real Food and the Rise of Allergies

This video is shocking and sobering, detailing the rise in food allergies over the last 15 years and how it neatly coincides with scientific “progress” aka tampering with the food supply in the name of profit.

Please watch this! It will make you think, if not completely change your buying habits – especially if you have a family member with a food allergy.


It’s Parenting Week!

This week I’m going to devote my space to ideas about how to raise little foodies. If you have any thoughts, please share!

Today I took my little buds to the strawberry patch for picking. They know these fruits come from plants. They got to see bees pollinating the flowers, and all the different stages of what the berries look like. They learned too that it’s not very easy to pick berries! All this wisdom about real food, and they just thought they were having fun!


Come back all week for more ideas on how to get your kids excited about cooking and eating, and educating them about what real food is and where it comes from. Now I’ve got to run…I’m making cookies with my three year old!